The Formula 1 Fan Defined

What a remarkable and also varied globe modern-day Formula 1 is. It supplies a mystique, a sexiness, that nothing else motorsport can offer. Extensive research as well as evaluation is performed each year on individuals that make up the F1 audience. We’re told F1 supporters are intelligent, express, generally upscale as well as posses a “worldliness” and also elegance that has seen multinationals clamouring over themselves, pouring billions into the sporting activity to try and also link themselves with the F1 brand.

Well for the very first time, I have actually performed my very own extremely technical and scientific research (I spoke with a couple of my companions down at the pub) to assemble the definitive F1 Follower research. This need to be crucial analysis for all the advertising and marketing supervisors out there.


Differentiating Functions:

  • Solely put on scarlet red
  • Know that F1 began in 1991
  • Have had chin enhancement surgical procedure


  • All over – they resemble damn roaches– they simply keep multiplying.

Favoured Products

  • Anything backed by St Michael of Maranello

Favourite Stating

  • I wish it rains, that will certainly the “Rainmaster” at his finest
  • Schumacher is the best of perpetuity since … … … – Schumacher is so wonderful he could win in any kind of auto (this claiming has lately been listened to less frequently).

Marketing Tip.

  • If you want to market something to the Schusciple, either paint it scarlet red, or function a picture of the male himself– no other job is required.
  • Be prepared to invest $8 billion (Schumacher’s present rate for a recommendation).


Differentiating Features:.

  • Believe Formula 1’s magnificence days were circa 1520.
  • Juan “Johnny Come Lately” Fangio notes the decrease of Formula 1.
  • Emphatically opposed to such ludicrous introductions as safety belt, brakes, headgears and also engines.


  • Zimmer structure or public library.

Favoured Products.

  • Gramophone.
  • Wireless (no not the net connection– radio).

Favourite Stating.

  • I keep in mind when … … … – This will be the end of Formula 1.

Advertising Tips.

  • Unless your customer possesses a funeral chapel or manufactures hemorrhoid lotion, never mind.


Distinguishing Features:.

  • Absence of individual hygiene.
  • Pungent Smell (see above).
  • Inability to interact to the opposite sex.
  • Drive $2000 automobiles with $150 000 alterations.
  • Closet contains a selection of overalls (usually group colours).


  • Head securely buried in an engine or “efficiency” publication.

Favoured Products.

  • Anything that makes an automobile louder (efficiency improvement optional).

Favourite Stating.

  • No-one has in fact heard them speak, other than some groaning noises.

Marketers Tips.

  • Make sure all marketing has a broad view of an engine.
  • Use little of no message (because of illiteracy).


Distinguishing Feature:.

  • Acne.
  • Thick Rimmed Glasses.
  • Bad Position.
  • Pocket protector.
  • Usually single.


  • Before a computer system.

Favoured Products.

  • Any hi tech material understood by an unpronounceable word.

Favourite Stating.

  • McLaren’s new engine product– jargonium – is so innovative it’s not even on the table of elements ha ha.
  • Pinnacle of Motorsport.

Marketers Tips.

  • Any product and services should have the suffix of “ium”.
  • Ensure that advertising and marketing is put is Modern Metallurgy and is written completely in nonsensium.


Identifying Functions.

  • Quickly distracted by intense shiny items.
  • Will certainly do anything to be related to an F1 “expert” (even 5th get driver will certainly do).
  • Do not appreciate loud sounds.
  • Think the pit markings are a really large line of their favorite chemical.


  • Team hotels/motorhomes, usually in a perpetual horizontal placement.

Favoured Products.

  • Anything glossy.

Favourite Stating.

  • If you can obtain me to satisfy Fernando I’ll make it worth your while.

Marketing experts Tips.

  • Any kind of bust enhancement item.


Differentiating Functions.

  • Rely on the FIA = Ferrari formula.
  • Believe Max Mosley is attempting to ruin the sport.


  • In F1 forums publishing latest wild strategy of Mosley to destroy F1.

Favoured Products.

  • Mifepristone.

Favourite Sayings.

  • OK, so the 2006 Formula 1 period is interesting, that’s obtained absolutely nothing to do with Max’s changes.
  • No more the pinnacle of motor sport.

Marketing Tips.

  • Aside from a “Max Is Satan” t-shirt very little you can market this lot.


Identifying Features.

  • Their autos have 5 point safety belt.
  • Wear a HANS gadget when doing the buying or having a shower.
  • Overmuch developed neck muscle mass.


  • In front of the X-Box refining their abilities for the pending call up to the show.
  • Nearby kart track sharpening their abilities for the pending call to the show.

Favoured Products.

  • Any kind of Formula 1 branded item.

Favourite Saying.

  • F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport.
  • Kimi has terrific racecraft.
  • I can do much better than Ide.

Advertising Tips.

  • Stick a main Solution Logo on any type of piece of waste and they will certainly wash it up.


Differentiating Features.

  • Calluses on the inside of their hands.
  • Obscured vision.


  • Before a computer system screen downloading and install “adult” home entertainment.
  • Local girly bar.

Favoured Products.

  • KY– Gel.

Favourite Saying.

  • Corrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Advertising and marketing Tips.

  • Stick a picture of a beautiful infant on any piece of crud and also they’ll buy it.
  • Also biggest customer sector of “enhancement” methods.